Interested In Hosting?


Partnering With Regional Churches

We are delighted to work with a regional church to host Church Sound University. It not only provides an opportunity to be more “hands on” but also offers an environment that makes sense given the materials. It can be a win-win for everyone.

Host churches receive 10 scholarships (free attendance) for their use ($1,200 value). If you think your church would be interested, continue reading:

One room (i.e., multipurpose room or perhaps sanctuary) capable of comfortably hosting 180 people (just seating) for main sessions.

Two more meeting rooms (with tables) for up to 60 people for breakout sessions.

Space for up to 10 tabletop displays for sponsors. This should be either in the main  session room or perhaps in a common walkway between the three rooms.  

Tables for registration and instructor needs plus for up to 10 tabletop displays. Approximate quantity would be 20.  

The main/large room should have a higher ceiling — ideally 15-20 feet in the main room and 9-10 feet (or higher) in the two meeting rooms.

All three classroom spaces need to be outfitted with sufficient AC power — nothing exotic or “extra” in this regard, just enough electrical power to run gear in a “standard draw” manner. In addition, all three rooms should be dim-able/shade-able enough to be able to clearly see video programming.

Elevator or parking lot level access to the three rooms is required, no stairway-only access (equipment needs to be setup, stairway only would make that impossible).

Space to serve attendees lunch as well as refreshments during breaks. The main session room either needs to be able to accomodate this with table seating or we can use another room onsite, i.e., a cafeteria, fellowship hall, etc.

Equipment will be loaded in beginning on the Thursday before the event, with setup on Friday. The event is all day Saturday, with load-out immediately afterward.

Signs for sponsors will be hung in the three classrooms, so there needs to be a way to accomplish this (i.e., a ladder available).

Bonus Features:

Video projection and screens in all three rooms.

Cost-effective on-site catering to manage lunch, refreshements etc…

If you are interested, please contact Julie Clark at or 269-262-4842. We are interested in hearing from you!